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Postby Althar93 » Tue Dec 20, 2016 2:22 pm

Hello all,

I am fairly new to PE so forgive me if what I am about to write below is already a "thing" and I have simply missed out. I was thinking of a few features that would be nice to have & would, I think, greatly contribute towards the idea of pilot training & flight debriefing (what did I do right, what did I do wrong & what could I do better next time) :

1 - It would be really nice if the audio recordings could automatically be correlated inside the PEAWARE flight entry? This could be as simple as including links to the per-hour recordings, as found here https://www.pilotedge.net/audio/today, associated with the departure/arrivals CTAF/Tower frequencies.

2 - A more advanced map / horizontal profile including airspaces, MOAs and the likes would also be very nice (something similar to this http://myflightroute.com/routeplot.php?). This would be particularly useful to see how one maneuvers around restricted airspaces, how tight one flew through a particular corridor, etc.

3 - Finally, & probably one for Keith/devs : is there a public API or back-end that currently allows people to develop companion apps and/or more advanced analysis tools or are we currently limited to whatever PEAWARE records/shows on the flight page?

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