Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

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Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby damien » Sat Jan 28, 2017 5:38 pm

I'm a noob to xplane. Started with fs98, then fs9, fsx, p3d, p3dv3 and built several home cockpits over the years. Bought beta xplane11 yesterday. Very nice. Some issues but hey its prerelease. Want to report to simpit builders the transition wasn't too painful.

Triple head 2 go, trackir, goflight panels, and gps data out are all supported in the sim. Seamlessly connected android tablet running Avare to xp11 (update- udp data packets out are spotty. Used xplane to gps app to connect gps) Used xsaitekpanels to connect saitek switch panel, multi panel, and radio panels. All working except setting altitude hold on autopilot for some reason; have to reach altitude then set it (UPDATE: see about this autopilot altitude setting issue in post below). PM general aviation glass cockpit and regional jet glass cockpit panels both connecting and working via xpuipc. I was getting around 25fps in fsx/p3d with max settings. My rig on xplane11 is only able to handle settings about low sliders with horrible frame rates. Downloaded overnight and installed today and all cockpit components functioning in xplane11. Only shame is that my core i7 8g ram 590 graphics card needs an upgrade but guess that was coming anyway.

Very nice feature... able to only download and install regions you want. Install was 12g with north America only. Ui interface very nice and easy to use. Lots of nifty features built in. Haven't had time to really check out all the functions and flight characteristics but looks good so far.

Will someone please start making xplane add-ons? With REX and Orbx on board this xplane11 would be the shihznit.


Plugins which I found necessary and required for my cockpit:

Xpuipc (xplane version of fsuipc)
Xsquawkbox (vatsim)
Xsaitekpanels multi, radio, switch panels)
FlywithLua (allows running of scripts)
Xp11 advanced settings (additional slider settings)
Xptoifms (for external fms)
and of course pilotedge
Added: Xplane To GPS android app
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby WagnerTenor » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:31 am

Hi, glad to hear a new XP user. If you haven't already, take a look at x-plane.org. Lots of good stuff there, both payware and shareware.
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby Balu0 » Mon Jan 30, 2017 7:57 am

For weather addon look at xEnviro, only RL weather right now but they are adding new features as they go.
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby BFG » Mon Jan 30, 2017 5:32 pm

It's a great sim. My thoughts on the transition here: http://www.ontheglideslope.net/2017/01/ ... -plane-11/
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby damien » Wed Feb 01, 2017 6:36 pm

Just trying to figure out this buggy beta xp11. What works looks nice.

Update on cockpit components.... everything still working with xplane11. Only hitch is udp packets out to foreflight and external gps are spotty at best. Gps only updates every 5-30 seconds using internal foreflight connector. However using network out combined with "xplane to gps" is providing a solid constant data stream with updates about every second on external gps. Bug report filed.

How does one work cabin pressurization in the sf50? Turning on oxygen doesn't help, using keys mapped to setting cabin altitude doesn't seem to change anything, bleed controls have no effect. Using prep electric for start doesn't help. Manually switching mapped pressurization buttons does nothing. Unsure if it's a bug or a user error. I don't know how it works in previous versions like xp10. UPDATE: see post below on bypassing pressurization settings


BFG +1 on the article. Can't wait til they work the bugs out of xp11 it looks awesome.
WagnerTenor +1 on xplane.org
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby damien » Thu Feb 02, 2017 9:50 pm

There is a learning curve for fsx/p3d users regarding proper usage of the autopilot. It's not broken, you aren't doing it right. Xplane AP works completely different than fsx/p3d. UPDATE: you cannot just push to set altitude like in fsx/p3d. Using the Saitek multi switch, you have to dial in your altitude, then dial in a vertical speed, then push both the ALT and the V/S buttons or the aircraft won't descend or climb.

Going to use an external fms android app connected to xp11 for flight planning. *update ifms paid app working well on android devices*

Had to remove pressurization settings from a/c configuration files for some a/c to fly at altitude... cannot find pressurization controls and switches in those aircraft yet and mapping the controls to a button or switch in cockpit doesn't seem to work. In xp10 I hear you could disable those pressurization effects but from what I have read that option has been removed from xp11. If there's another way someone please let me know. UPDATE: To modify an a/c to prevent blackout at altitude due to pressurization issues: Navigate to your /xplane/aircraft/ folder and in each a/c folder there is a .acf file. Open this file with Plane Maker (included with XP11 and in main /xplane/ folder). In Plane Maker go to the "Standard" menu and click "Systems" and the 2nd tab is labeled "General 2". There remove pressurization settings so boxes show 00.00 and 000.00 and uncheck the two manage pressurization check boxes and save the file. Use caution if you edit anything else in this file it may make your a/c un-flyable.

UPDATE: Couldn't figure out where the hydraulic switches were in the MD80 to get it to start. Would run through the start checklist and get stuck at the hydraulic pumps every time and even instant start wouldn't keep engines running. Finally found that they are hiding on the other side of the center console on the copilot side out of sight. Have not found a way to move my eyepoint view to copilot seat to see it (EDIT- SEE POST BELOW ON HOW TO MOVE EYEPOINT). You can barely click the switch and apparently the left/right pump switches are inactive. But that electric system is still required to start the engines. So in the startup sequence for the X-plane 11 Md-80 I found I need: Main power, fuel pump, APU bleed switch down (two clicks), APU start switch (pull down to on, then down again to start), APU right and left bus switches when APU POWER AVAIL lights up, left and right generator switches, AC bus X tie to auto, yaw damper on, hydraulic pump (electric), autobrake set to takeoff, pneumatic xfeed valves right and left open, fore and aft fuel tank pumps on, start. Be aware that I found using XSaitekPanels with my Saitek switch panel, and when the config file has been set to allow the starter switch to the "new" setting which will start jet aircraft, I have to physically move the switch to the start position and back to the both/run position before the engines will catch. Quite a debacle trying to figure all this out let me say.
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby damien » Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:42 pm

Found CVN 68 USS Nimitz operating between Santa Barbara and Santa Cruz island. Very detailed carrier with helicopter escort. Working LSO, ILS, and lights guide you in. Working automatic catapult. Working elevator. Squadron of F18's on deck and other miscellaneous aircraft, helicopters, and ground equipment and crew. I don't have AI traffic turned on so not sure if the carrier launches fighters but there is an option to allow military AI traffic. XP11 default scenery with low-medium sliders.
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby Keith Smith » Fri Feb 10, 2017 5:17 am

You can change your viewpoint from the 3d cockpit using the arrow keys, as well as q, e, r and f, period and comma. You can then save those viewpoints in the quicklook catalog by hitting ctrl and a number on your numpad (with numlock turned on). Then, you can recall the view by hitting just the number on the numpad (without ctrl being pressed).

That's how you get around 3d cockpits and set up views.
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Re: Migrating from fsx/p3d to xplane11

Postby damien » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:07 am

Thanks Keith. My num lock prevented that discovery.

I also figured out why I didn't have anything on my tcas (ai aircraft wouldn't stay on even though I set it). You have to disable or remove the squawkbox plugin and viola instant traffic on tcas and in sim.

Having frame rate issue ocassionally when flying on pilotedge. getting around 15-20 fps consistently with old hardware and sliders on low (gtx 570 1g gpu and 8g ram). Not good enough to keep up on the network. Upgraded to gtx 1050ti 4g card and doubled the ram. Now getting 30-40fps with sliders set to high (no aa) on Core i7 clocked 3.78g using triplehead2go at 5760x1080... until I hit high density areas.
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