How I got PE client to work on my remote PC

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How I got PE client to work on my remote PC

Postby w6kd » Fri Jan 26, 2018 11:48 am


I spent a lot of time over the last 24 hours beating my head against the wall trying to get the PE client to transmit via the FSUIPC/WideFS PTT mechanism and FSUIPC 5 (using v5.21b at present). I think I have the solution, which I will share here, as the question has been asked a number of times without a definitive solution anywhere I could reach with many hours of black-belt level Google-Fu.

I followed the standard guidance for getting remote Simconnect and WideFS working between the computers (e.g. with the appropriate P3D path names substituted for the FSX ones). I have been using many other programs via WideFS and/or SimConnect for years with no issues, and it was clear that the PE client and P3Dv4 were communicating since the transponder settings were tracking between the two. But getting the PTT to work using a button on a flight control yoke attached to the server PC running P3Dv4 was not happening--the PTT apparently does not use an FSUIPC offset the same as the acft position, radio settings, transponder, and AI communications between client and server.

The trick was to explicitly specify the Windows class name of the PE Client ("SquawkBox3") as an additional parameter on the KeySend lines in the WideClient.ini file User section:

Code: Select all

The P3D server PC has a button on my PFC yoke programmed for the "KEYSEND 1-255 (WideFS)" control with a parameter value of 1 (which pairs with the KeySend1 definition in the client PC's WideClient.ini file) on button-down, and "KEYSEND 1-255 (WideFS)" with parameter 2 for button release.

This now has enabled me to have PE's client running on my client PC, where I can indepedently control the radio volume, switch ATC between headset and speaker at-will, and file flight plans on the same PC where they are created without putting windows up on the P3D sim-only main display.

I think this is the missing link that has been preventing others from getting remote clients working on PilotEdge.


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