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Re: PilotEdge ATIS released

Postby sono » Wed Feb 20, 2019 11:51 pm

Bob Denny wrote:I am also thrilled with the PE ATIS. This is great!!

I have a suggestion for X-Plane users at least. Is there a way to use the weather coming from PE (METAR?) to feed the weather in X-Plane itself?

It is my understanding that if you fly with xplane 11 set to real world weather the PE atis should closely align to that, (in otherwords PE atis is not made up weather for the airport, but obtained from real world info also).

That also means in pre flight planning you can use real world weather information as you would if you were flying in real life.

(Any differences in runway might be for operational reasons and if you are not happy with the cross wind. In that atypical situation you can request a different runway from the controller anyway)

Note if you are not aware: If you do not want real world weather for any reason when you will be flying on the network:
1. The PE flight plane filing web page allows you to mark you are using custom weather as part of your flight plan and:
2. In-flight you can inform the PE ATC controller you have Zulu which letter is reserved to indicate to him or her you are flying with custom weather; Zulu is not used by the PE atis.
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Re: PilotEdge ATIS released

Postby sono » Thu Feb 21, 2019 12:20 am

Keith Smith wrote:Mirroring this from the Discord post I made on Saturday evening:
Since it's likely to come up pretty quickly as a question for those who upgrade to the new plugin, you may notice that the ability to file flight plans from the XP client has been removed. In the interests of our own sanity and spending precious development time wisely, we're going to centralize flight plan filing on the web-based form. This already has more functionality and features than the in-client forms and the gap would have widened more with upcoming work we're doing, so this is the right time to make the change.
The custom weather option in the web-based filing form now has the effect of suppressing the PE ATIS so that you are able to receive the in-game ATIS where appropriate.

Keep a shortcut on your desktop to the filing form, and use the option to remain logged in to the site.

I think I mentioned in discord that on windows platform this (non ATIS related change) might have been easier for existing customers to adapt if the flight plan link that was on the old plugin was kept on the new plugin but on the new plugin automatically fired up your windows default webbrowser at the now required PE filing page. This suggestion is not just to save a link, or to just to ease the transition but also relates to the workflow where you arrive at the airport, jump in the plane, get the atis to determine the wind etc, plan your departure and then file (e.g using your foreflight ipad). Additionally, In the sim you are likely using all your screens for the sim so having to windows alt-tab to the browser and find the link does also impact that sim experience compared to the old plugin in that regard.

(This change I am suggesting will also have the benefit of avoiding Keith having to update all his rating training videos where he currently filing using the plugin :lol: :lol: )

Just a thought and I accept in the scheme of things it is minor...
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Re: PilotEdge ATIS released

Postby Keith Smith » Thu Feb 21, 2019 7:01 am

Sono, as we've discussed a few times...there will be more changes coming to the web-based flight plan filing system. It's not practical to keep mirroring the changes in 3 locations (P3D client, X-Plane client and web-based filing). Hence, we're focusing on the web-based filing. I am aware of the disadvantages of losing it from the X-Plane plugin. I miss it, too. However, we have reviewed the logic for this several times now.

As for the sim using all screens...that's not how myself or most people I know use their sim. It's common to have one screen reserved for a web browser (skyvector, charts, chat, myflightroute, streaming, etc) and the other screen for the sim.
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Re: PilotEdge ATIS released

Postby Bob Denny » Thu Feb 21, 2019 11:13 am

I apologize... the X-Plane "real weather" is currently broken in 11.31. So I am not getting the NOAA METAR the usual way. I checked the PE JSON feed and the ATIS coming from PE via https://www.pilotedge.net/atis/all.json is exactly that same METAR as that which NOAA is showing at https://tgftp.nws.noaa.gov/data/observa ... ar/cycles/ so once XP gets their real world weather working again, PE's ATIS will indeed be real world if that's what is selected in XP's weather options.

Sorry again for the silly post.

-- Bob

Bob Denny wrote:I am also thrilled with the PE ATIS. This is great!!

I have a suggestion for X-Plane users at least. [...]
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