Common errors and how to fix them

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Common errors and how to fix them

Postby Keith Smith » Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:00 pm

- make sure your headset is connected prior starting the PE client

- Windows: make sure your headset is set as the 'Default Communications Device" (or just "Default Device") for both playback AND recording

- make sure you are 100% sure that your email address and password are correct. You can test this by logging out of the web site then attempting to log back in.

- here is a forum post on COM1/2 usage

FS 2004/FSX/P3D

Issue: You receive a "side-by-side" error from Windows when attempting to launch the PilotEdge client
Solution: If you are using FSX, it must be FSX SP1, SP2 or Acceleration. Run the SimConnect.msi included in the PilotEdge folder.

Issue: After upgrading from v0.9, you receive a message saying that a headset or mic isn't connected when starting the PilotEdge application
Solution: If you're sure you do have a mic/headset connected, enabled and configured as the default recording device, it's likely to be a corrupted shortcut on the Start Menu. Remove the shorcut from the start menu and reinstall PilotEdge, or simply run PilotEdge from the Start->PilotEdge program group directly.

Issue: Not sure how to set up a joystick/yoke-based PTT key
Solution: here is a forum post on mapping a PTT button on a yoke

Issue: PESETUP.EXE fails to run, complaining about not being able to update the registry (Win7/Vista)
Solution: Run PESETUP.EXE as Administrator (right click on the program, select the 'Run as Administrator' option)

Issue: You have FSX running, but when you run PilotEdge, it complains that it can't detect the simulator and that FSUIPC may not be installed
Solution: There are two versions of PilotEdge, one for FSX and one for FS 2004. Go to Start->All Programs->PilotEdge and select the FSX version instead

Issue: Login fails with a message saying: Unable to read aircraft position from sim, make sure the aircraft is parked and the simulation is not paused then login again.
Solution 1: The sim isn't fully running, so PE can't extract the info it needs from the sim to connect to the network. Don't attempt to connect until your aircraft is positioned on a ramp, and not still on the free flight configuration screen. Also make sure "Pause on Task Switch" is DISABLED in Options->Settings->General.

Solution 2: You recently reinstalled FSX but didn't upgrade to SP1 or SP2. Install SP1 or SP1/SP2 and this will solve the problem.

Issue: Pressing the PTT key doesn't cause the TX light to illuminate (ie, the transmit function isn't being triggered at all)
Solution #1: Verify you are pressing the correct PTT key. This is in Options->Radio screen of the PilotEdge client
Solution #2: Make sure FSX is NOT running as Administrator. Running it as Administrator will cause it to absorb the key press before it can be seen by PE, which is running as a SEPARATE application (PE does NOT run as a module in FS9 or FSX)

Issue: Pressing the PTT key causes the TX light to illuminate, the controller reports seeing their RX light illuminate, but they don't hear anything (ie, you're transmitting an empty signal)
Solution: either your headset is not configured as the default recording device in your operating system, OR your headset is muted, OR your headset wasn't connected to the computer when you first started the PilotEdge client.
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