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OpenTrack mapping profile

Postby TheMuslimTurtle » Fri Jul 24, 2020 9:54 am

Hey all,

I posted this to the org forums and also Reddit but I have gotten nothing for a reply yet. I know this is a close community, so maybe someone can help.

I've been using OpenTrack for a while with a homemade head tracker (DelanClip), but I can't seem to get the mappings right to where I want them to be. I'm not as technologically savvy as I used to be, and with work picking up and putting in 60+ hours a week, I don't really have time to tinker. Most of my free time is spent flying instead of tweaking.

My settings currently seem to be too touchy. I'm not sure if that's a design flaw in the system, but when I lean forward to check the gauges or look out the windows, it's very sensitive. My view jumps all over and it takes several attempts to click the spots I need to with my mouse, such as barometer or COM buttons. Opposite to this, it's much slower when "looking" towards the back -- just the forward panel view seems disproportionately sensitive. I can't seem to find the right in-between for this. I've tried a few different mappings but none of them feel right.

I know it's not possible to have it set for how I want if I don't do it myself, but if I can find some that others have set, I might be able to make minor adjustments and get it working for my needs.

Current settings below using Kalman filter

Thanks for any help.
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