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"Please ensure the pilot client is running" msg?

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2020 2:04 pm
by ChuckOman
Flying KGJT-KSLC encountered a new (for me) issue with my P3D5 client:
After connecting my PE Client 1.3.3 browser interface threw me
"Failed to connect to client. Please ensure the pilot client is running"
red text messages in the browser window.
Golt one every 5-10 minutes.
After the first one I just disconnected, restarted client, and reconnected.
But when another appeared a few minutes later, I noticed I was still connected to the voice server, and ATC said I was updating normally on his scope. The client was still running, apparently ok.
Checked the client console log and all logged events appeared normal.
Any idea what might be causing this ?
Is the message intended as a caution rather than a warning, and I should just live with it?

Posted note on this on Discord, but didn't see any response.

Was using Client 1.3.3, Edge browser P3D5HF2 /Win10Pro/9700K/2080Ti/32GB SSD system, and a RealAir B60T that runs gracefully at 30 fps. My Comcast wifi runs at 17ms/400Mbps.

Disregard, Keith responded on Discord and is aware.