[Mar 10, Friday 1700ish PST] KCCB - L35 Chopper Run

Planning a flight, looking for others to come along?

[Mar 10, Friday 1700ish PST] KCCB - L35 Chopper Run

Postby Marcus Becker » Fri Mar 10, 2017 9:45 am

In honor of BoneCrusherGaming, let's #makebigbeargreatagain

Aircraft: Any aircraft. I will be flying a chopper for streaming fun. I'm awful with the whirly birds but it makes for good fun streaming.
Flight Rules: VFR, with or without flight following. Your choice. Have fun with it.

Route: Fly eastbound.

Details: My wife has a date with my kids giving me a free night. This is totally impromptu and I'm not expecting a big turnout. Fly helicopters, fixed wing aircraft, or even walk! I plan on being up at Big Bear (L35) by about 1800 PST. I'll hammer the pattern for a while if you want to sequence yourselves in.

Grab a beer or soda and let's have fun!

Marcus Becker
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