[Mar 29 1800-2100 PDT]: Wednesday Walkabout!

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Re: [Mar 29 1800-2100 PDT]: Wednesday Walkabout!

Postby KLRay » Thu Mar 30, 2017 7:18 am

Yes C172 slooooow .... I was also flying a C172 (Airfoillabs) , N628G. Started the event on time at SBP, but ended up being almost last at BUR, was getting late for my schedule so I didn't fly to HND. It was amazing to see all those planes sequence into BUR! Learned a lot to keep radio calls quick and brief. Thanks Keith and PE controllers for arranging this event, nice job...
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Re: [Mar 29 1800-2100 PDT]: Wednesday Walkabout!

Postby Keith Smith » Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:20 am

This was a lot of fun! The 3 hour format appeared to work well (concentrating the departures and getting most people to start closer to the start time rather than a more lengthy departure window). Naturally, Burbank was the highlight as it had a ton of simultaneous arrivals and departures as a result of it being the terminus of the first leg and the start of the final leg.

The math shows that you'd need a 150kt airplane to be able to complete both legs within the 3 hour window, including a reasonable turn time at BUR, so I'm not too shocked to hear that 172 wasn't able to finish the whole thing :)

Thanks for coming and we'll see you for the next one, and yes, we'll strive for weekend and Euro friendly times!
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