NorCal Western Expansion Fun!

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NorCal Western Expansion Fun!

Postby x_plane_pilots » Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:32 pm

Hey everyone!
Just thought Id throw out some routes that I myself would love to do IRL, [if i had the plan, license, and money] with a mix of mountain, coastal, and central valley flying in NorCal.
One or two of the fields may be under the Travis TRACON but everything else should be under western-expansion, and the hidden gem.

Here's the list of airfields in the order that I would fly them, preferably in a single-engine piston, small(ish) twin, or a light jet:
KTVL, O22, 3O8, KMMH, KOVE, 1O2, 0Q5, KSTS, KCCR, KHAF, KWVI, KMCE, KMCC, C83, KVCB, KCIC, O69, KEDU, KTRK, and finishing again at KTVL!

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