[Sat Jan 20] Salt Lake City Takeover: PHX, SFO or SEA to SLC

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Re: [Sat Jan 20] Salt Lake City Takeover: PHX, SFO or SEA to

Postby flyingdrill » Sun Jan 21, 2018 3:07 am

Keith Smith wrote:
flyingdrill wrote:Still not doing airliners (really should try!), so will do a shorter trip in a turbo-prop GA, and will aim to arrive at the appropriate time. Will probably use runway 35, as the GA area i ;) s alongside.

Yes, if you're flying GA, you'll get 17/35.

A quick note about start times...while we don't have a formal start time (we only have a published arrival window), we'll be ramping up the staffing starting at 11am PST, 2 hours before the arrival window starts. The longest published leg is SEA-SLC at ~550nm, so that should be plenty of time.

Yes, Keith. I'm sure that's why Peter gave me 24R :D

The controllers were amazing. I got a bit anxious when I hadn't been handed off to approach, with about two minutes to go to an IAF, Fairfield, with still no idea what I was going to be given, but that made it more exciting. Listening to so many holds (published and unpublished) being dished out for the tubeliners was a very unusual thing on PE. Also, many were receiving the STAR to use quite late in the day! You really have to know how to work your FMC! Well, they had to get maybe 60+ (I did see 77 connected at one time, although a few weren't going to Salt Lake City - and I only glanced at connections a couple of times, so I could be well out!) all trying to come in within the 30 minutes allotted time frame! Even Atlanta only manages 100 or so takeoffs and landings per hour!

Now looking forward to the ZLA takeover. I'd better start practicing going to LAX ;)
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Re: [Sat Jan 20] Salt Lake City Takeover: PHX, SFO or SEA to

Postby ChuckOman » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:07 am

Really fun SLC event yesterday. PE controllers did a superb job merging all the flows.

However had a puzzling comm issue during handoff to approach.
Had correctly tuned salt lake approach on comm1 standby and then swapped it over to active.
Checked in with approach... but no acknowledgement.
Tried again.. center controller eventually told me I was still with him.
Puzzling, since active side Comm 1 was clearly properly tuned.
Tried swapping comm 1 active and standby and then back again.
Go figure..This time approach heard me.
Wondering if was due to a PE server hiccup due to high traffic, or some issue with my P3D4/FSL A320 sim that I've not noticed before.

Did anyone else experience this yesterday ?
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Re: [Sat Jan 20] Salt Lake City Takeover: PHX, SFO or SEA to

Postby Aviatorbja » Mon Jan 22, 2018 9:00 am

Yes! It was a great time indeed. I was thinking how funny this would have been had it been a real life event. All these people flying airliners around, trying to figure out how to HOLD over a fix.
I was in a hold over St. George VOR with Jon Fly. It was hilarious. While I've done holds in real life (with an instructor for my IFR), it took me quite a while to figure out how to make the A320 hold properly using the FMS. Finally got it figured out just as the controller released me from the hold. As others have mentioned, it was a pretty smooth event. The controllers were all first class. It was great to see 70+ people on the network!! Can't wait for the next one. We need Blackbox711 to produce a video on proper holding procedure using FMS with A320.
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Re: [Sat Jan 20] Salt Lake City Takeover: PHX, SFO or SEA to

Postby Keith Smith » Mon Jan 22, 2018 10:29 am

Thanks to everyone who came out, we're glad to see so many people we able to make it and we look forward to the next event in February. We'll get it announced as soon as possible!
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