[July 15, Mon 1700 PDT] Instagram VFR Group Flight

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[July 15, Mon 1700 PDT] Instagram VFR Group Flight

Postby Kevin_atc » Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:15 pm

Monday 7/15/19

1700-1715 PDT: Pattern Work at F70
1715 PDT: Depart F70 for KCPM
Quick stop at KCPM then on to L70

Tune 123.45 to chat with us
Also, be sure to tune the appropriate unicoms on your other radio to announce all intentions at the uncontrolled airports.

This flight will involve some advanced airspace dodging and a transition through the LAX Bravo via the Special Flight Rules area. We will not be in contact with ATC for nearly the entire flight.

Details available for viewing on the PilotEdge Instagram Story (beginning 24 hours prior to departure) http://www.instagram.com/pilotedgeatc

Be sure to follow PE on Instagram to be alerted of future group flights as they aren't always posted here.
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