[Mar 28 12p-3pm PDT] EVENT: Portland Ping Pong!

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[Mar 28 12p-3pm PDT] EVENT: Portland Ping Pong!

Postby Keith Smith » Mon Mar 23, 2020 7:47 pm


Time for the next monthly event!

This is a Western US event and will be a little bit different to the standard conga line. We're going to have full staffing for PDX and BFI. Start at EITHER airport, fly to the other airport (VFR or IFR, using any aircraft you like) and back....rinse and repeat until you can't take it any more or the event is over!

The idea is to have arrivals and departures at both airports at the same time, not just a mass of departures at the origin followed by a mass of arrivals at the destination.

Take note, the SIDs at BFI are runway dependent. Take note of the runway in use via the digital ATIS here: https://www.pilotedge.net/atis/kbfi, then file accordingly. Please file the correct SID for your equipment type and the runway in use to minimize the number of route ammendments for the clearance delivery controller.

We will likely utilize the 'readback squawk only' system for IFR clearances that was used in the last event to minimize the time it takes to deliver clearances, however, the 'monitor tower' procedure will likely not be used. More details will be posted during the week.

Mandatory IFR Routes:
RNAV Jets and turboprops - CBAIN1 (BFI 32) or NRVNA1 (BFI14) . BUWZO.KRATR2
Non-RNAV Jets and turboprops - NEEDLE1 (BFI 32) or KENT8 (BFI 14) . SEA.HELNS6
Piston - NEEDLE1 (BFI 32) or KENT8 (BFI 14) . SEA.V23.BTG

Jets and turboprops PTLD1.BTG.OLM2
Pistons PTLD1.BTG.V23.SEA
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Re: [Mar 28 12p-3pm PDT] EVENT: Portland Ping Pong!

Postby sqvision » Mon Mar 23, 2020 9:58 pm

Nice! Will sure try to be there. One question in advance. I recently departed BFI in the Bonanza and had filed for the non-RNAV sid but as I had equipment /G received the NRVNA1 RNAV sid from the CD controller. Also I had filed for the wrong departure direction as the BFI and SEA ATIS were not in line with eachother. How should I handle this during the event? Just to avoid hassles.
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