[Sep 14 1500-1800 PDT] "Light Up" featuring Las Vegas TRACON

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[Sep 14 1500-1800 PDT] "Light Up" featuring Las Vegas TRACON

Postby Kevin_atc » Fri Sep 11, 2020 6:27 am


“Light Up” refers to flooding a certain airport or area with traffic on our network. Contrary to our typical "A to B" style event, our Light Up events encourage you to be creative with your VFR or IFR flying while enjoying the high volume of traffic and staffing in the area.

Within the Las Vegas Approach Control Airspace, there are 3 towered airports and 3 non-towered airports. During the event, try to incorporate at least one of these airports in whichever flight you choose to conduct. Whether you want to fly the pattern at HND, transition the LAS Bravo via the Rocks Route, shoot the ILS into VGT or just fly a 737 in or out of LAS- the Las Vegas TRACON and airports within it will be fully staffed in order to create a very realistic, and busy, condensed environment.

Towered Airports: LAS, HND, VGT
Non-Towered Airports: BVU, 07L, 3L2
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