[Nov 11th, 2020] 1200 PST - Desert Poker Run! (Win free PE!)

Planning a flight, looking for others to come along?

[Nov 11th, 2020] 1200 PST - Desert Poker Run! (Win free PE!)

Postby Kevin_atc » Fri Nov 06, 2020 7:00 am


This month’s event is a Poker Run! For those unfamiliar, an aviation-style Poker Run is where a pilot receives a card at each of the airports of which they land. Just like in a poker card game, the pilot with the best hand at the end of the event wins!

The winner will receive a free month of PilotEdge!

-IFR routings shall be created by the pilots. Unlike other events, we won’t be posting the recommended routes due to the high variety of city pairs.
-Pilots may fly VFR or IFR (don't forget to file a flight plan).
-Pilots may start the event at any one of the 3 airports (HND, IFP or GCN).
-Your goal is to fly to all 3 airports within the posted 4 hour event window. Pilots may begin the round-trip at either GCN, IFP or HND and fly the legs in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise order as shown below. Once a pilot has completed their 3rd leg, they should be back at the airport of which they started.

About the Poker Run Contest:
Pilots are not required to participate in the contest portion of the event, and may fly without entering into the contest.
This will somewhat resemble a Texas Hold'em style of poker. All pilots will "share" 2 starting cards. Those 2 cards are the same for everyone. Then, as each individual pilot completes a leg of the flight, they will receive a card specific to them. Upon the completion of all 3 legs, a pilot will have received 3 unique cards of which they can combine with the 2 "shared" cards to present their best hand. PilotEdge staff will review all hands and reach out to the winner via email. No further action will be needed by each pilot other than filing a flight plan before each leg and logging each flight using the PeAware URL on myflightroute.com after each leg.

-To participate, pilots must have access to the ZLA coverage area.
-Pilots must conduct all legs within the published 4 hour event timeframe.
-Pilots may fly any aircraft type.
-Please note this is NOT a race- flight time has nothing to do with the contest.
-Pilots may fly the legs VFR, IFR, or a mixture of both.
-Pilots must file a flight plan at pilotedge.net before each leg if participating in the poker contest portion of the event. Pilots are reminded that PilotEdge only holds one flight plan, per pilot, at a time. Because of this, pilots must file a new flight plan before each leg and cannot file all 3 flight plans ahead of time.
-Pilots are responsible for ensuring their flight plan processed correctly and is showing on peaware.pilotedge.net. Without that tracking, you will not be able to obtain credit for the leg.
-Pilots must submit each PeAware link to http://www.myflightroute.com after each leg in order to get a card for that leg.
-Once a pilot has completed all 3 legs and received their 3 cards, their contest entry is complete. Pilots may continue flying, however additional legs will not count toward the contest.
-In the event of a tie, all users with a tied hand will be winners.

Terms & Conditions: Contest open to all PilotEdge users with access to the ZLA coverage area between 1200-1600 PST on 11/11/2020. Winner will be notified via email. Winner will receive 1 (one) free 30 (thirty) day in-home subscription of PilotEdge and may select either the ZLA or WUS subscription. Winner may also use the free month to add the additional subscription (ZLA or WUS) to an already existing membership. Please note: this is not an actual poker game- gambling is not occurring. PilotEdge is not responsible for malfunctions in the flight tracking during a flight that may alter a pilot's ability to submit their entry. Winner's free membership subject to standard terms and conditions outlined on http://www.pilotedge.net.
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Re: [Nov 11th, 2020] 1200 PST - Desert Poker Run! (Win free

Postby Ken Quinn » Mon Nov 09, 2020 6:59 pm

Looking forward to this.

But I'm not sure how we're supposed to report this on www.my flight route.com. I looked at this for the first time today and not clear what to do. Do we enter it in the "Post Flight/Analysis tab? That doesn't give any identity info unless logged into Skyvector. I'm confused.

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Re: [Nov 11th, 2020] 1200 PST - Desert Poker Run! (Win free

Postby kullery » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:12 pm

Hi Ken,

When the event begins, there will be a link to the submission form at the top of the page on MyFlightRoute.com
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Re: [Nov 11th, 2020] 1200 PST - Desert Poker Run! (Win free

Postby Ken Quinn » Mon Nov 09, 2020 7:46 pm

Great! Thank you!
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