Feb 13th, Sat 8am U10-46U-KJAC/KDIJ [VFR Group Flight 28]

Planning a flight, looking for others to come along?

Feb 13th, Sat 8am U10-46U-KJAC/KDIJ [VFR Group Flight 28]

Postby EV Simpilot » Wed Feb 10, 2021 4:48 pm

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VFR Group Flight #28
Does your valentine love the snowy jetset life?

We'll be doing another early morning VFR group flight this Saturday 2/13. We will be departing from an uncontrolled field again but you'll never know if you land at an uncontrolled or PE-staffed field.

Start your sim of choice, load up at a vacant ramp in Preston (U10) and log into the Pilotedge network to join. We will use the #Briefing Room 1 on the Pilotedge discord server for the briefing. The briefing starts at 8:00 am PST. Information about the Pilotedge discord server can be found at the links below. After everyone is informed and ready we will advise when we switch to the local CTAF frequency.

It's winterwonderland mountainflying time! We will be leaving Preston northeastbound, overflying large areas of mountainous terrain that will offer some breathtaking views. Our first stop for the day will be in Afton (KAFO) where we will execute the full-stop-taxi-back that was so much appreciated on recent groupflights. Did you know Afton is Swedish for evening? Why would we visit it in the early morning then? Well, just because we can!

We follow the valley northbound for a touch-and-go in the jetsetters backyard. Have you ever came across a public use airport that hosts 17 bizjets, 5 helicopters, multiple turboprops and an fullservice FBO with Jet-A fueltrucks but has no instrument procedures? Well, welcome to Alpine airpark, here we will execute a touch-and-go in the backyard of the richest of the richest. Multimillion dollar hangarhome mansions that host multimillion dollar planes from jetsetters that couldn't decide if they wanted to have their mansion in the mountains or on the lakeside.

After the touch-and-go at this unique strip we will overfly the lake and find a valley through the mountains northbound. Before we will hit terrain we will have to split up. It will be either a sharp left or sharp right turn, not making a decisions will lead you to hitting the Tetons, that's what we don't want! Only the best of the best will turn right and have the chance to land at Jackson Hole (KJAC), featuring Pilotedge top-notch ATC. The fuelprice after your flight will also be at jetsetters level. The others will turn left and end up at the poor man's option for today, Driggs-Reed (KDIJ).

After landing at the appointed airport we debrief on the discord server again. This is a pretty basic procedure flight but with great views and an exciting element. It is suitable for beginners however because it might include a landing at a class D airport, I highly recommend you to achieve at least the CAT-ratings up to the CAT-2 if you'd like to join. Preferably fly an aircraft that is easily able to maintain a cruise speed of around 110 kts. Be advised cruise altitude will be topping at 11.500 ft for some portions of this flight, higher than we usually do. I have preflighted the path and while OAT's of even -15 °C showed up I did not ran into icing at all. Get the heating going!

XP11: https://we.tl/t-A1i3sPks45
MSFS2020: https://we.tl/t-ZjLvdfWsts
SkyVector: https://bit.ly/3tG9fIR
PE discord: https://www.pilotedge.net/pages/discord-community

Do you take your valentine out for a spin to the jetset life and join us?
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