Suggestion for RWIFR Series

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Suggestion for RWIFR Series

Post by Lorenh »

Hi Keith,

I just finished RWIFR. Thanks for a look into the busy east coast airspace. I especially appreciated that you left in all the "gotchas" that go along with operating in the IFR environment. You could have edited them out, but I think it made the series more valuable to leave them in. We learn from our mistakes, as long as we survive them.

I would encourage you to continue videoing your real world flights and posting up any interesting events that occur which might be a teaching moment. You don't need to show the full flight. Just set up the event and let us see it happen. It could be as simple as an interesting exchange with ATC, a particularly complex clearence, a close traffic encounter, etc. I know I'll watch the original videos again, but after a couple of viewings the learning value diminishes. Fresh content from time to time would add a great deal of value to the series.

Thanks for taking the time to put the RWIFR together.

Loren Hutchinson
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Keith Smith
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Re: Suggestion for RWIFR Series

Post by Keith Smith »

Thanks for the suggestion. If you check out my flying blog (see signature, it's dated but the flights are relevant if you haven't seen them) and my YT channel, there's quite a bit more content. The production quality doesn't really come close to the level of the RW IFR series, though.

I'll consider your suggestion, but short of making RW IFR a separate subscription service, it probably won't be economically viable to continue updating the product over time. I'd also be concerned about adding any content to the product which isn't at the same level of production quality.

There is one 'bonus flight' we might add, but beyond that, I'm not sure. I'll have to think about this one. For now, feel free to give into the blog, there's some good stuff there, too.
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