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Postby Acroshaw » Fri Jan 08, 2016 12:51 pm

I can't really remember the v2 and v3 i did them quite a while ago, I just wanted to say the most I learn from pilot edge is when i make a mistake! if it goes smoothly it's a great feeling, but you learn less:) Case in point, I had just done my I2 (now on the i4) and was feeling pretty pleased with myself so I thought I'd do a TEC route from palm springs to john wayne, i got cleared, but I flew the TEC route as it was listed on the official site, whereas the controller had done me a favour by clearing me direct to cut off a big chunk of the route - I had even written the 'direct' bit down, but I flew it the long way and was kindly chastised half way along the leg . I learnt from this flight that you have to be sooo careful and precise about your clearance, now I have skyvector open and follow it with my mouse the whole way after I am given the clearance - lesson learnt! This is my second crack at pilotedge, I had a break after the VFR tests, and I encourage anyone doing the V ratings to go on and do IFR, you learn so much so quickly, and it will improve your ATC comms enormously. My aim by the summer is to fly a really complex addon like the Q400 from majestic all the way from the current area to the new area and back IFR, with no mistakes:)
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