[Jun 7, 6pm PDT] ATC Communications (VFR)

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Keith Smith
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[Jun 7, 6pm PDT] ATC Communications (VFR)

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It's late notice, I know, but we'll be hosting a workshop on ATC Communications (long overdue, I know!) tonight over at PrivatePilotStudy.com

They get together on a video chat twice a week, and an instructor (often two) goes over a topic for pilots. It might be a session on mechanics, or meteorology, or a practice session for the math. Whatever the topic, it doesn't cost a penny, you can ask questions, and it's a nice community of pilots to hang out with. They meet every Tuesday and Sunday.

You can sign up at their site (again, there is no cost) and be notified of upcoming events twice a week. The first 10 members can participate in the Google Hangout and ask questions via video/audio. PrivatePilotStudy members receive an email prior to the event with a link to the Hangout. Otherwise, regular viewers can view the Hangout here and ask questions via text in the web app.
Matthias Geiss
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Re: [Jun 7, 6pm PDT] ATC Communications (VFR)

Post by Matthias Geiss »

Great! I was hoping that there would be a recording as the stream was during the night time in Europe.

Watching asap!
Justin Lerner
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Re: [Jun 7, 6pm PDT] ATC Communications (VFR)

Post by Justin Lerner »

Great workshop, very informative. Always something to learn at these things, newbies and experts alike.
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