HD Scenery Frame Rates

HD Scenery Frame Rates

Postby spenconk » Mon Nov 21, 2016 11:48 pm

I am having a jigity jagity time trying to get high definition scenary on my 3 24 inch monitors. I noticed that adding monitors reduces the frame rate by about 8-10FPS each.
I went to the store and the salesman convinced me that a newer NVIDIA would solve my issues but after trying it tonight, its really not worth the $ difference.
I have :
AMD-FX8350 4GHZ 8 core
16GB ram
500GB SSD drive with 150GB free
NVIDIA GT740 ----> GTX1050ti (4gb mem) upgrade?

FSX is SP2 (non steam)

The old video card gave me about 8FPS and the new one gives me 11FPS.

There must be something I am doing wrong. The CPU is running pretty high.

I am hoping to run the ORBX scenery but there is no way until I can get the frame rate in the 20s all the time.

Any ideas from you FSX veterans....

As always, much appreciation is offered for your help!
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Re: HD Scenery Frame Rates

Postby Tim Krajcar » Sat Nov 26, 2016 12:01 pm

Split off to a new topic as it was attached to a five month old unrelated post, and moved to the FSX forum.
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Re: HD Scenery Frame Rates

Postby stevekirks » Tue Nov 29, 2016 7:15 pm

First guess: The mainboard/motherboard may not have the horsepower to move enough data or fast enough to the video card to process.

I have FSX:SE on an Intel Core i5-4460 (quad core, 3.2 GHz) and a GT640 card with 1GB VRAM and I get 30FPS in most places, until I hit a 10 mile radius of KLAX. This is with Orbx FTX Global/Vector/SoCal installed. I'm a sucker for going cheap, and the video card on this newer Intel system is at it's limit. I used to have the same video card in a Core2 Quad machine with 3.0 GHz processor and got 20FPS in most places. Weeks of on/off sleuthing led me to the fact that the old machine couldn't push enough data to the video card per cycle so that's why I bought the new main PC. Both machines have 8GB RAM and the same 120GB SSD as a main drive running Windows 10.

The newer 1000 series Nvidia card should be doing the trick (VRAM is plenty of the monitors) but it seems like your PC might be letting you down somewhere.

Also: have you tweaked the config file correctly?

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