Sky High #4: Surf's Up!

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Sky High #4: Surf's Up!

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The "Surf's Up" September scenario was posted late last night. It's a 2 leg flight from San Luis Obispo, CA (home of some of the CAT Ratings) to Marina, CA and then on to an after-hours arrival at Palo Alto, CA, home of the shortest runway for a Class Delta airport in the country (afaik).

Here's the scenario (requires an active subscription):

Points of interest for this trip:
- runway-specific SID
- routing to avoid special use airspace
- first approach has 30 degree dogleg at FAF and also has 30 degree difference between final approach course and runway heading
- non-towered IFR procedure at 2nd airport (KOAR)
- ODP from 2nd airport (KOAR)
- night arrival into 3rd airport (KPAO) simulating after-hours operations
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