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Network connection

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I am running P3Dv5 on a remote virtual machine and stream via Parsec. Everything is smooth, yet connecting to pilotedge is an issue. Vatsim´s vPilot cannot be used as a reference as at it seems, they are using a much more recent software with native host / client support.

I do not want to go deeply technical into this but just shortly for your understanding:
Parsec does not support multiple audio streams and using their advised Discord is causing massive lag.
So I installed the pilotedge client on the computer I am personally using to fly and connected to the virtual machine which is running P3Dv5.
I got it to work with ActiveSky and FS-Flightcontrol (which has a great tool doing everything for you) so it is not an issue of SimConnect or the network itself. The network tunnels via Zerotier which establishes a LAN over distance with static IP addresses.

So please can someone let me know, where to put the SimConnect.cfg (just in documents folder or in the pilotedge folder?) and especially which port to use. 8081 as from the webinterface? 8809 as used by basically the same software from vPilot? Or just any port?

I there any way to test simconnect with the made up files (below) without having to start P3D in order to have it read the file? Testing takes so much time, as you need to test various folders, multiple setups, basically all the guesswork and trial and error which comes with a total lack of documentation.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Sample of SimConnect.cfg - seems to be needed to be placed into some pilotedge folder, no idea which one - so I put it into documents itself, pilotedge foler and Pilot Client folder.... (???)



Extract of SimConnect.xml As described on P3D´s website this one goes into ...AppData/roaming/lockheed Martin/Prepar3D v5 (correct?)
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