Participation Requirements

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Participation Requirements

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Just passed my Sky-1 today even without the LOC capture on the LDA-C (damned MSFS...). I turned to HDG mode and manually intercepted the I-BUR then forgot to start descending. But it all worked out in the end! Just one comment, unless I missed something, The "Participation Requirements" say to put the scenario number in the comments of your flight plan - ie. "SCENARIO 1".

When I called KTOA ground for clearance I got reprimanded for not selecting SKY-1 in the Pilot Rating section of the FP form. In fact I didn't even look at the drop-down list as I thought that was just for the CAT and I ratings! Maybe the "Participation Requirements" need to be updated?
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Re: Participation Requirements

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Hey Don,

It's covered here:

But this page is only linked from the CAT and I ratings pages, I'll get the higher ups to add it to the SKY page.
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Re: Participation Requirements

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I'll update the SKY-1 to remove that remark now that the ratings are formally coordinated through the dropdown menus on the flight plan.
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