Planning a flight, looking for others to come along?
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Thanks again for a great flight yesterday gents.

Open survey to all PE pilots:

What are your preferred hours to fly a group flight? Pls also note your time zone.

How frequently (ie. weekly)? What day of the week?

ZLA or WUS or both?

What area (State or terrain or density altitude, specific airport, etc.)?

What situation (general scenario; ie. follow along on a flight plan, follow over roadways, or formation, fly direct waypoints, VOR nav, other nav, etc.)?

Prefer ATC included (ie. Class D or C departure/arrival) or not (non-towered)? Partial? Mystery mix?

How many aircraft do you prefer in any given group flight?

Would you also contribute to planning the flights, or prefer a group leader (host) to have everything organized for you?

What information/channel resources would you prefer to be notified (ie. Discord, PE forum, both, other social, email list, etc.)?

What aircraft would you fly (C172, etc., or various) and why that/those aircraft? Always same aircraft? Would you fly same aircraft in from a set home base? Or start anew?

Any other comments?

Any feedback is welcome. Thank you.
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