[Thur Dec 16th, 2021] 3-6pm PST - Santa Scramble

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[Thur Dec 16th, 2021] 3-6pm PST - Santa Scramble

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We're counting down the days until SANTA1 departs the North Pole on its annual quest around the globe, so December's event will be within the ZLA coverage area featuring many of the "Santa" airports along the Southern California coastal area.

There's no published order for this event- it's more of a "free for all" between the published 5 Santa airports. VFR, IFR, and even pattern work are all encouraged!

We’re also featuring a few non-towered “Santa” airports for the event. IFR pilots are encouraged to cancel their IFR prior to landing (if able) if heading into these non-towered airports in order to allow the airport to maintain a high level of efficiency during the event.

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