Xplane 11 Keeping microphone in focus?

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Xplane 11 Keeping microphone in focus?

Post by Dean33 »

Sorry for cryptic title.

I’m now flying (and living) Xplane after 20 plus years FSX/P3D.

When I start connect to Pilotedge it works fine until I click another screen and Xplane goes out of focus (I assume) and if I transmit the controller can’t hear me. I then have to remember to click Xplane again.

I think on other networks starting as Admin fixes that.

Is there a way to fix this with Pilotedge or am I doing something wrong please?

Thanks. Dean

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Re: Xplane 11 Keeping microphone in focus?

Post by Kevin_atc »

Answered on Discord. Assign a joystick button as your PTT
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