Hot Start! CL650 NetJets "Day in the Life" Challenge

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Hot Start! CL650 NetJets "Day in the Life" Challenge

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Since there doesn't seem to be a forum thread for the Hot Start! CL650 NetJets "Day in the Life" Challenge, I thought I'd start one.

For those who don't know, here's the itinerary (not sure who the original author is): ... sp=sharing

And here's my flight log:

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1   1942 1948 2058 2100 0118 0110
2   2125 2131 2250 2254 0129 0119
3   2326 2331 0014 0015 0049 0043
4   0105 0108 0133 0136 0031 0025
5   0222 0226 0359 0401 0139 0133
TOTALS                  0546 0510
  • I flew all times +4 hours so I could enjoy my weekend sleep.
  • All legs were flown with the W&B given and at M0.8/300 knots (except the LAX-SNA leg of course). It wasn't worth it to try to do more advanced cruise efficiency calculations.
  • I took fuel at every stop except SUN and LAX. I flew with min fuel for every leg except the last leg, because gas at TEX is expensive. Be careful though -- you don't want to tanker so much fuel into TEX that you can't get back out again!
  • (LAS) Because gas is cheaper at Atlantic, I took fuel at Atlantic before repositioning to Signature.
  • Atlantic no longer operates at SNA so I went to Clay Lacy instead.
  • My sim crashed after setting the parking brake at LAX, so I had to restart everything and reload. This completely ate up my lunch break at SNA, and is why I am so late departing LAX.
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