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SimVenture 2022

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I am not sure how it was for everybody else, including controllers, but my SimVenture 2022 experience was excellent ! Having read & studied the EAA's Notice and video tutorial, the PilotEdge one was spot on and easy to follow along with. They definitely put a lot of effort into the scenery, notice, and controllers. I am not sure how it could have been made any more realistic.

I made a total of 3 arrivals and 3 departures, and it was definitely quite exciting for each. The only limitations were the standard difficulties of flying a simulator such as the somewhat warped situational awareness from flying a video monitor and my own performance limitations from having to dial back my settings to achieve minimum 20FPS in all circumstances. I should have probably adjusted for a little more depth-of-field at the expense of something else.

Regardless, I though it was a fantastic experience, great for practice and familiarization. With this under my belt, I would feel confident (but still a bit nervous) about flying into AirVenture for real as a first-timer.

My only critique is that there was not much mention of what to do other than "follow the flag men" for parking. I came to the conclusion that I should just find my own spot somewhere to shut down and file a new flight plan for departure. A truly dynamic flag man (or woman) directing aircraft to actual spots might be a nice addition in the future.
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Re: SimVenture 2022

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Thanks for sharing. As for your parking critique, the instructions on pages 19-23 tell you that for parking, follow the flagmen until you see signs for parking, then follow those to park. If you landed on 27, you would have seen those signs just south of runway 9/27. If you landed on 36/18, those signs would have been just west of TWY P. Just need to follow those and the parking areas will be fairly obvious.
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