Pilot Introductions

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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by gsuoumu »

Hi everyone.

My name's Todd and unlike what it appears is the majority here, I'm pretty brand-spankin' new at flight sims. I've only been flying for about two weeks, all offline, and came in with very little/no working knowledge of planes or airspace rules. But I've always been fascinated in logistics of ATC and flight planning as a whole, so when I got interested in flight sim I sort of dove right in.

I enjoy the logistical side of a true flight simulation environment and that obviously includes ATC and airspace rules alike. So I've spent most of my flight sim experience flying under as much offline simulation as possible. I've actually enjoyed watching and listening hours worth of Keith's Pilotedge Workshops - I've probably watched about 15 hours worth of those workshop videos so far because I actually enjoyed learning about those topics. Began watching with the VFR videos and have transitioned now into some IFR videos.

Coming to learn and because I know I want this to be a true simulation, I don't want to get into bad habits by using the in-sim ATC for too long. I'm crawling at a snails pace in my C172 for the time being, but hoping to build my knowledge along the way.

Nice to get involved in a dedicated group!

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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by Kyle.Sanders »

Welcome Todd!
Sounds like you are ready to take on the training program!
Kyle Sanders
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by gsuoumu »

Kyle.Sanders wrote:Welcome Todd!
Sounds like you are ready to take on the training program!
Indeed I am! Did the CAT-1 tonight and I'll be doing a flight or two tomorrow as well. I've got the bug, as they say.
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by kleistad »

Hi everyone!

Not really new here, but i haven´t introduced my self before, and I just logged the first flights since january so I feel a bit new(I got an I-8 rating and the V-ratings, but today I was really nervous doing the first three CAT-ratings) :D

I´m a on and off simpilot with the hopes of getting my PPL one day when my economy will allow it.
Really love Pilotedge and the work you guys put into it, takes simming to a new level, and the workshops are fantastic :)
I´m here to learn and to get better at ATC-communication, as I know that would be my biggest problem in real life when flying.

Anyway, when you hear N187KT and nervous stuttering and "erm" and "om"´s, thats me desperatly trying to find the words so I can get back on the ground :lol:

Glad to be back on the network after almost one year, and hope I will be able to do it on a regular basis 8-)

See you on the ramp :)
Kristoffer L.
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by jamesgood72 »

Hello everyone.

I am a real-life student pilot, struggling with radio, and finding PE is really helping me. I own N94805, a 1948 Ercoupe based at KGOO. I have flown to class D airports 4 times, and was never confident. I've now done 4 more flights to KSBP in PE, and am already feeling better. Just got my CAT-2 rating on here, and will keep working towards getting the rest.

I'm very glad that PE exists. Currently simming with X-Plane 10.51 (started on Flight Sim 2 on the C64 - we didn't have PE then).


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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by rtataryn »

Welcome James! Beautiful plane! Glad you here -- I wish I had PE during my training, but it is still excellent for staying proficient and continued learning even after the license is earned. Good luck with the training.
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by Regent 013 »

Hello all

After much contemplation and thought, I've decided to take the first few steps into the world of PE. For some background, I'm a former PPL student, post solo, and 7 hours short of min hours. Due to a few "issues" i'm now a permanent sim pilot who is looking for some "challenge" I"m probably going to sub in the not to near distance future and will dive in for the trial soon. So for now I'm looking forward to learning, flying and listening to you all. Hopefully i won't be a menace in the sky
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by Goblin »

Hi Everyone,

My name is Mike Frank. I've been a simulation pilot since about 1993. I started with all manor of combat flight simulations and never really paid much attention to GA or ATC. I'm also an electrical engineer and spent about 10 years designing military aviation electronics. I grew up about 3 miles from NAS Whidbey -- my dad served 30 years as an aviation structural mechanic. Sometime around 2010, I joined a virtual USNavy squadron that did pay attention to those details. Ultimately, that led me into GA simulation and my interest was piqued by what I was finding there. So, I had been flying around in FSX using the built in ATC -- which I eventually came to realize is pretty much useless. I've been getting more and more interested in real world flying, but I took a color blindness test and found that I am a "Strong Deutan". Pretty badly red-green colorblind. So, if I do this real world, the limits would be that could only fly in the day VFR and I would not be allowed to fly were a radio is required. The reason being that if I have a radio failure, I'd have to rely on light signals and I wouldn't be able to interpret the colors.

So, anyway, I came to PE, because I'm looking for a better representation of real world flight. I've had zero flight instruction; everything I've learned has been from reading and watching videos. My apologies to the poor PE controllers who have to listen to me butcher my radio calls. I've done 3 or 4 flights now during the trial period and I'm starting to get control of my nerves. Seems like my brain liquefies whenever I push the PTT button and I nearly forget my name. I think with continued experience and repetition this will calm down more. I've done the CAT-1 and CAT-2, but I think I might want to do more flights just to get used to being on the radio.

Anyway, looking forward to seeing you all out in the PE sky!

Mike Frank
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by Keith Smith »

Great story, Mike! If I may, try the CAT-3 and CAT-4, then STOP and do variations on the CAT-4 (flying between two Class D airports, clear of Class B/C airspace) until you're no longer learning anything new when doing those flights, then move on to the CAT-5 and beyond.
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Re: Pilot Introductions

Post by HotMike »

Hey All!

My name is Mike, new to PE but been in and out of flight simulators for a while. RW helicopter pilot (RW RW I guess you could say) trying to keep my Class B/C lingo fresh while spending my real time flying in the glorious world of E/G, as well as IFR proficiency. I hope showing up and flying helis on ILSs @ 110kts doesn't throw too big of a wrench into the stuck wings out there.

My first flight today showed me this service is the best thing for realism out there, and very professional. Man I wish I had this tool when I was learning to fly out of a Bravo airport.

Look forward to seeing and avoiding you all!

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