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Postby SkipH » Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:03 pm

Hi All,

I'm new to Pilot Edge and this forum and I realize this is an old post on TOD but I thought maybe someone might be interested in a Windows App, StartDescent, I wrote to calculate TOD.
I am a real student pilot with 60+ hours in a 172N, it do not have GPS or Autopilot just NAV radios for navigation so StartDescent helps me a lot.

StartDescent takes into account Altitude when calculating True Air Speed (TAS) along with Wind Speed and Direction to help determine Ground Speed, this makes for a very accurate Start to Descend point (TOD).

I am told Start Descent works in Linux and MAC using Wine software so MAC users please give Wine a try. Here's a link to Wine:

If you are interested click Here to watch a YouTube Video: (this is version 2.1 latest is version 3.0)

You can download the App from here: ... t-descent/

If you are not using X Plane you can download it from my website here:

I hope this helps those like me who have/had a difficult time knowing when to start their descent.

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