Great for Hardcore Simmers as well!

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Great for Hardcore Simmers as well!

Post by Thomas_Horn »

Just want to give a short feedback on the IFR workshop.. [Mod: Real World IFR]

I am not a RW pilot due to a visual problem (partial color blindness) but a Flightsim enthusiast for many years (even decades...)
Most of the time I was flying VFR and did a lot of online learning in IFR as well, mostly with the FAA books and the training from Chris at "Angle of attack" who provides a very nice basic IFR school for simmers. However, it is mainly suited for offline flying, even if he has some VATSIM lessons there as well.

THIS workshop however is much more professional, since it mainly focusses on the ATC part of IFR flying. I had my first flights the days before and started with short TEC routes, and it was amazing - I could really use everything I learned in the IFR workshop lessons, especially the hints on how to copy (and write down!) the controller briefing for the flight plan.

So, really thumbs up for this Keith, I very much like it - small pieces of videos, easy to digest so I can watch them again and again. Of course, not really a bargain with almost 200 bucks (too bad that the Euro sucks at the moment :cry: ) but I see it as an investment in my hobby, so its fine.

So, flightsim guys - go for it, it is also for YOU and not just for the RW pilots, and will make you MUCH more proficient on Pilotedge!

- BTW, after watching the video lessons with the touch trainer, I am happy that I still have my FSX (together with serious PFC hardware and Foreflight). I tried out X-Plane many times, but the A2A planes together with the ORBX scenery in FSX gives me a much better feeling when flying. Especially the PFC hardware for the Garmin 530 is awesome and MUCH better than fumbling around on a touch screen. :D

Cheers, Thomas
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Re: Great for Hardcore Simmers as well!

Post by Acroshaw »

Thanks for reminding me to pick this one up Thomas, it's on my birthday wish list (march 7th ), I have the VFR series already, like you I cannot fly in real life due to eye issues and recently brain surgery, no way they are letting me at a real plane, pilotedge is the next best for me :) After that I will watch the coast to coast series !
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Re: Great for Hardcore Simmers as well!

Post by BFG »

Coast to Coast is great. I learned a ton.
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