Fixing VOR and LOC ranges

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Re: Navigraph does not include XP terminal procesures

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wmburns wrote:UPDATE: while looking through the Navigraph data I noted there weren't any SID/STARS. Upon further research I noted the "NO" note under the "TP" column for X-Plane 10.30+.

Before seeing/understanding I didn't consider there to be a difference between Navigraph and Aerosoft services. I see now this is not the case. I have switched to Aerosoft for any futures purchases. For how I used navigation data the difference in cost isn't a determining factor.
But that makes sense, the stock GPS in X-Plane doesn't support SIDs or STARs. Whereas something like the JARDesign A320/A330 does and indicates "Yes" in that column.
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Re: Fixing VOR and LOC ranges

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After an update by the Navigraph FMS Data Manager, the DME distance of VCV disappeared.
Checking earth_nav.dat in folder 'Custom Data' I found two lines for Victorville:
12 34.59417790 -117.38971952 2855 10905 025 0.0 VCV VICTORVILLE VOR-DME
3 34.59416667 -117.39000000 2855 10940 25 14.0 VCV VICTORVILLE VOR-DME
So the reason was the wrong frequency for the DME.
After setting it to 10940 I had the distance and now I can do the I-11.

Edit: It was the first time that I used the FMS Data Manager (Beta) for Linux, Ubuntu 14.04 64bit.
I checked in addition the configuration for the Windows 7 platform (also updated by the FMS Data Manager) and found there another frequency for Victorville: 10905 for both VOR and DME.
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Re: Fixing VOR and LOC ranges

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The VOR freq changed a while back if memory serves. It sounds like the VOR was updated but the DME was not.
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