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Real World IFR Review...

Post by RonCraighead »

Okay, I've terrorized the virtual skies on PE a while, and I've just begun my real world IFR training. I'm going up tonight actually for IFR to KCRQ(loc), missed, KSEE(loc), missed, MYF (Ils). CRQ glideslope is down... so LOC it is!

At first glance, I love the short ground school videos. All of the other videos I've seen lack CONTEXT. That is really important, weather you want to learn for RW or on Pilot Edge. I knew nothing about lost coms 15 minutes ago. I now feel like I can handle a lost com situation if\WHEN that happens.

I also love the videos themselves. They are long, of course, but once again they give context to all of the knowledge that you have to study.

It's said that studying for the knowledge test is beneficial when you start the flight portion of your training. The cockpit is a rough classroom to learn in, so the more you know before you strap on an airplane the better.

These videos are even MORE beneficial to IFR training then learning the raw data out of a book. The money spent on the videos will save MUCH more on flight training.

I'll post more about my experiences with the videos as they relate to my training as time goes on.


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Re: Real World IFR Review...

Post by rtataryn »

Agree 100%. I have Keith's Real World IFR series and have learned a ton from them, and agree they give context to the book knowledge. I wish I had them (and PE) prior to or during my IFR training as you do, but they are just as valuable to anyone who already has the rating, as learning is forever ongoing - or at least ought to be. Good luck tonight and on the training. It's one of the most satisfying accomplishments. Look forward to hearing your experiences.
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