FSX issues with Saitek yoke/rudder

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FSX issues with Saitek yoke/rudder

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Yes, newbie to the forums here....

So, been tinkering with FSX with a regular joystick, then bought a Saitek yoke/throttle quadrant combo for a little more realism. Played some more, then decided to add the rudder pedals (also Saitek). Now, when in FSX, only my rudder pedals are operational, and the yoke/throttle does not respond at all. Pedals are plugged into the back of the yoke. Any clues?
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Re: FSX issues with Saitek yoke/rudder

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I use Saitek ProFlight yoke, throttle quadrant and rudder pedals. Saitek drivers are notorious in Windows 10 for being very finicky. I have my throttle quad plugged into the yoke since it's not USB (the older game connector) but I have my rudder pedals and the yoke both plugged into a powered USB hub. I'd recommend a powered hub for Saitek gear. If you don't have one right now at least try plugging the rudders into a separate USB port. You are also better off selecting a USB 2.0 port not the 3.0.

I also use the paid version of FSUIPC to map and calibrate all flight controls so I can have separate profiles for different aircraft and/or aircraft types. That shouldn't be relevant to the recognition issue though. There are many other nuances and tricks that can be employed to get the Saitek yoke, throttle, rudders all up and running. But once that is accomplished, I've been very happy with the gear, especially for the price point.
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Re: FSX issues with Saitek yoke/rudder

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Don't discount the possibility the problem is related to not enough USB power. After all there is a limit to how many devices that can be plugged into a single USB.

In my case, I needed to add an external power supply to my Saitek yoke, and dual throttles.

One way to test is by using a separate USB powered hub or plug every thing into in to separate USB port.
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