Realistic Sounding ATC...Reviving old topic

Re: Realistic Sounding ATC...Reviving old topic

Postby jport1 » Fri Jul 06, 2018 7:21 pm

flyingdrill wrote:
kevin meyers wrote:
flyingdrill wrote:Again with the sound tinkering..........

Yes, I got that, Kevin. However, I just felt that it was not a vital thing for PilotEdge's programmers or staff to be working on. I wonder just how many of the users (all the users, not just this thread's contributors) really want this - or even care...........

Flyingdrill, you seem to possibly ignoring a growing segment of the paying customer base here. We pay for the service and we should have a voice and not be drowned out with this is JUST designed for a single group of ‘in training pilots’. I can only imagine that there is increasing growth in aviation enthusiasts who are about making our sim experience as real as it can get. Pilots don’t listen to a clean signal, I know, I am one.

I have proposed an option for each pilot-type preference, I.e., clear or realistic. I would think that it may even be desirable for an ‘in training student’ to have it clear in the beginning and later, after some experience, may want to hear what they will in a real aircraft. That too is a training experience.

Last, I suppose I bristle when someone appears to silence a possible new and growing user market segment. I hope ownership is giving this some attention. A simple coding project could much enhance this service! IMHO a win-win!

I hope that this topic, a topic that does not seem to go away, does get some concerted thought.

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Re: Realistic Sounding ATC...Reviving old topic

Postby RogerW » Mon Jul 09, 2018 11:53 am

Do I want my PilotEdge radio to sound like 'other' radios?

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