Custom Sims

Discussions surrounding the software that lets pilots connect to PilotEdge and the actual simulators
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Custom Sims

Post by martinv »


Does anyone have any experience of Custom Sims (Also known as Nuna Simulations)?

I have had a terrible experience with them and have been contacted by a number of other people that have fallen victim to his broken promises. I paid $9,400 over 13 months ago and just now received what is essentially a pile of useless electronics, no software installed and not the promises spec, It was supposed to be a G100 Simulator with P3D and ready for

I have ready a few posts about the Custom Sims scam and him making people wait up to three years so need any help to try to recover my money


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Re: Custom Sims

Post by rancherobob »

I sent them $300 for a product on their website. Never saw the product or my $300 back. They went so far as to send me a phony Fedex waybill, but when I tied to trace it, it was never sent. Stay away!
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Re: Custom Sims

Post by jet_pilot »

Hi Martin,

Same here. I have been waiting for 4 years. Customers are preparing a class action against him.

We will need to register and group up with this class action. I have my own lawyers working on a Complaint to sue him for damages.

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Re: Custom Sims

Post by Hiker »

I suppose I’m one of the latest victims of Nuna.
I ordered a GPS 530 and an Audio Panel from them early last year, paid and then waited, and waited.
2 months later I received these 2 components loosely bubble wrapped and tossed into a box. No instructions, no nothing.
The quality was poor at best. Buttoned misaligned, broken connections and not as advertised.
SEVERAL calls later and broken promises, I gave up in November. I wrote a rotten Google review in the hopes that nobody else would get screwed. As there was only one 5 star review I least knocked it down to 2.5 for a few days. Then ‘mysteriously’ it was 5 stars again the next week?
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