"Day in the Life Challenge - Summer 2018"

"Day in the Life Challenge - Summer 2018"

Postby Scott Medeiros » Wed Jun 20, 2018 12:51 pm

Day in the Life Challenge - Summer 2018

Spreadsheet can be viewed here...https://drive.google.com/open?id=17vmYTriMOfeOMBVwdEzlt1-6MXimdxFm

Major Airline Pilot
Depart: 08:15 Arrive: 10:26
Depart: 11:10 Arrive: 13:09
Depart: 13:50 Arrive: 15:13
Depart: 15:56 Arrive: 18:08

Regional Airline Pilot
Depart: 09:40 Arrive: 10:32
Depart: 11:14 Arrive: 12:12
Depart: 13:33 Arrive: 14:58
Depart: 15:26 Arrive: 16:45
Depart: 17:25 Arrive: 18:45
Depart: 19:22 Arrive: 20:43

Charter Pilot
Depart: 08:30 Arrive: 09:36
Depart: 10:00 Arrive: 10:45
Depart: 11:05 Arrive: 12:18
Depart: 12:40 Arrive: 13:34
Depart: 14:30 Arrive: 17:15
Depart: 17:35 Arrive: 18:35
Depart: 19:00 Arrive: 20:30

So for those who are interested here are the rules:

1. This is a 1 day, 1 sitting, real time simulation of a day of a commercial pilot. There's no pausing the clock or coming back tomorrow. Need a lunch break? Plan accordingly as some turn times are shorter than others, don't forget you'll need to preflight in that time as well.
Exception: If you have a sim crash you may "rewind the clock" back to either a save point you have made or the start of the flight leg.
2. You must depart each airport, land at each airport. You are not required to strictly stay to the schedule, but you must spend the scheduled amount of time on the ground for the de-planing and boarding process.
3. For checking purposes you must log each flight on peaware to get credit.
4. There are no restrictions on the airplane you use, but it must be an airplane that could do this schedule in 9 hours of flight time and must be able to safely operate at each airport. The schedules were created using transport category jet schedules. You may swap airplanes along the way.
5. The actual start time doesn't matter (simply adjust the times on the schedule above).
6. The part 121 duty day limit for the "Major Airline Pilot" scenario is 13 hours, for the "Regional Airline Pilot" scenario it is only 12 hours due to 6 legs of flying. Both duty days can be extended by 2 hours (to a limit of 15 (major), 14 hours (regional)) due to issues along the way. You must complete the sequence in 15 or 14 hours respectively. The sequence starts when you start to "pre flight the plane" and ends when you engage the parking brake at the gate in PDX (Major Airline Pilot) or SFO (Regional Airline Pilot).
7. Part 135 (Charter operations) duty limit is 14 hours. You must complete the sequence in 14 hours. The sequence starts when you start to "pre flight the plane" and ends when you engage the parking brake at the FBO back in APA.
8. Due to the length and time constraints people have there is no requirement to do all flights during PE operating hours, however at least 4 must be 100% completed during PE operating hours.
9. Weather is not defined but should be realistic to a weather pattern that could happen (no 100 knot tailwinds every leg).
10. The in game time you use does not matter, but once set should not be changed and allowed to normally progress.

Successful pilots get a reward of value yet to be determined (but likely to be in the 0-0$ range)

Optional Hard Code Mode:

For those who want a little more realism add the following rules:

1. You must complete the sequence in 9 hours of flight time with the following exception (the 9 hour flight limit is a hard limit, you can't extend it like the duty day with the limited exception below).
- Exception: If at KLAS/KBUR the total flight time to that point + your reasonably scheduled flight time to KPDX/KSFO is under 9 hours you may depart. If you end up flying over 9 hours due to enroute delays to KPDX/KSFO this does not count as a violation of this rule.
2. You may not depart early. You must depart at the times listed (adjusted to your start time).
3. Real world weather must be used
-Exception: If the weather is below minimums you may raise the weather to be at minimums.

Optional Iron Man Mode:

1 last mode for those who want 100% realism. This mode just adds a couple more rules:

1. You must start your preflight between 0700-1259 local time. FAA duty limits depend on when your day starts. The duty rules listed above assume you start between these times, so start between these times.
2. Complete the entire sequence during operating hours.
Note: Functionally this means you must start between 0730-1100 Pacific.
Exception: If due to your location you cannot comply with rules 1 and 2, rule 2 takes priority and you can ignore rule 1.
3. Only use 1 type of airplane. Note airplanes that are covered under 1 type rating may be swapped into (for example fly a CRJ2 and CRJ7, or a B757 and B767)
4. At KLAS (Major Airline Pilot) or KSFO (Regional Pilot) you must "swap airplanes". This means you need to make the airplane cold and dark and then preflight it again. For those of you using rule 3 to use 2 different models of aircraft you must swap into model 2.
5. Run your simulator time to match real world time.
6. Reference excel spreadsheet "Iron man rules" for additional easter eggs you may experience during your day.

To get credit reply to this post with the following:
1. Peaware links to your flights.
2. Total duty day
3. Departure and arrival times for each flight.
4. Total flight time (this is not required to be under 9 hours)
5. Anything else you want to note
6. What mode you accomplished (Regular, Hard Core, or Iron Man).

Good Luck, we're all counting on you!
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Re: "Day in the Life Challenge - Summer 2018"

Postby MitLogue1 » Mon Jul 09, 2018 8:45 pm

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Completed challenge on July 9th 2018.

1. Peaware links to your flights.

2. Total duty day
Started preflight at 1230 central time.
Ended after plane was all shut down at 2225 central time.

3. Departure and arrival times for each flight.

See photo as post would not keep the format.

4. Total flight time (this is not required to be under 9 hours)

5. Anything else you want to note
Came way to close to overspeed way to many times on the last leg. Regional should be fun with no autopilot at all on the last leg.
40+ knot tailwind on last leg.
Used Google's random number generator to determine payload for each flight.
Should have scheduled about 5 minutes more at the gates bewteen flights 1-3...was pushing it and made a simple, not deadly, mistake that could have been avoided.
My name is Mitchell and I have an addiction, flight sim.

6. What mode you accomplished (Regular, Hard Core, or Iron Man).
Iron Man (95% positive I hit all requirements for this)
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