Departure Phraseology

Departure Phraseology

Postby matcauthon137 » Wed Jul 04, 2018 2:51 pm

Let's say you call for clearance and get something like "American 6295 is cleared to the Albuquerque airport. Edith 5 departure, Milford Transition, then as filed. Climb via the sid. Departure on 127.3. Squak 4765." You read it back and everything is good to go. Fast forward and you're in the air. A call comes out over the radio. "American 6295, contact departure." So far so good. Now for the call up. There are 2 options here and I've heard both, which is preferred/correct?

1. "Salt lake departure, American 6295 is climbing thru 7000 climbing via the sid."

2. "Salt Lake departure, American 6295 climbing thru 7000 climbing on the Edith 5 departure."
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Re: Departure Phraseology

Postby Scott Medeiros » Wed Jul 04, 2018 5:33 pm

Call departure with your flight number or aircraft identification, followed by your current altitude; then state “Climbing Via the (SID Name) departure.” Note: You do not state the altitude you are climbing to, if you are climbing via the published “Top Altitude” of the procedure.

Saying only “climbing via SID” is lazy and at some airports will require the controller to query what SID you’re climbing via. Many airports now have RNAV departures off the ground with different ground tracks and they need to know you’re flying the right one.
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Re: Departure Phraseology

Postby jx_ » Thu Jul 05, 2018 5:14 am

to add to what Scott said...and something I find easiest, the AIM says

Climb Via SID: Aircraft ID, leaving "altitude" for "top altitude" climbing via SID
Climb via SID except maintain: Aircraft ID, leaving "altitude" for "except maintain altitude" climbing via SID
Climb and maintain: leaving "altitude" for "maintain altitude"

American 6295 out of 6800 for Flight Level 190 via the SID would be an example.
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