Sky High 2 VFR on Top communication?

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Re: Sky High 2 VFR on Top communication?

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In regards to the SKY 2 approach into DRO, the chart list the frequency for the vor as 116.55, it’s actually 108.2, I extracted that from the video, x plane is still on the old frequency and the approach requires both the loc and dme. Glad I got this one in, there’s talk of it going away from the SKY ratings and my 1st experience at vfr on top. Awesome location for it!
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Re: Sky High 2 VFR on Top communication?

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Updating your Nav data either with the FAA CIFP or with a data subscription with a service like Navigraph will update the VOR frequencies when they change. With the FAA working on the Minimum Operation Network, a lot of VORs have had their frequencies updated to account for the changes through the whole VOR network. DRO was changed fairly recently, within the last few months.
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