Arrival KSZP and Prototype aircraft

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Arrival KSZP and Prototype aircraft

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Dear all,

Forgive me for not directly pilotedge related topic, I'd like your thoughts one ongoing peace of work.

I take the chance to post a 4 minutes arrival at unconctrolled airfield KSZP to ask you what you'd think about this airplane ?
I develop it since May this year, it's come to a point where I can either add all missing accessories to it or leave it a little raw.
Would you give some little amount of money, shall I offer for free, after quick look at it, what would you say ?

For your honest review, we can add accessories in, it's mainly used for development at the moment but it features many things
we want for a good training :

Preliminary figures (might differ lightly):

- Twin Lycoming-like contra rotating 160 hp (about 315 hp)
- Empty weigh 1900 lb, max weight 3800 lb (climbing 1500 fpm at full weight)
- Two fuel tanks with cross feed, 93 gal fuel (6 hours)
- Stall at max weight 55 kt full-flaps, 70 kt clean, max cruise 200 kt
- Retractible gear
- Prop pitch controllable within 1500-2500 rpm, no feathering
- Manual mixture, no FADEC
- All needed instruments for IFR (if any mistake please let me know)
- two VOR
- Two Bendix king KX-155 radios and old transponder KT-76.
- S-TEC 3100 autopilot
- Watch and chronometer
- Fuses can pop up and fail respective buses and equipments
- (Missing the temperature at the moment)

Cockpit : ... rnal_1.jpg ... rnal_2.jpg

External : ... rnal_1.jpg ... rnal_2.jpg

Arrival video, KSZP, uncontrolled (drones): ...


Jean-François Simon
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