Sky High #3: San Juan sortie released today

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Sky High #3: San Juan sortie released today

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The August scenario was released today! This is a 3 leg trip in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with a long final leg. It's by design that you're fairly spent by the end of it if you've been hand flying for most or all of it.

The first scenario is a refresher on ADF operations since your GPS is inop for this leg. Yes, NDBs are going away, but the concept of tracking a bearing still has its uses, and until they're completely retired it doesn't hurt to know how to use them. The second hop is a quick dash over to nearby Orcas Island followed b a longer haul down to Pangborn Memorial where there is an opportunity to try out an RNP approach, or deal with a tailwind ILS.

Flying in the Pacific Northwest is always beautiful, I hope everyone enjoys the scenario!

It's available to current subscribers via the Sky High Charters scenario library here: ... -scenarios
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