xplane 11 weather

xplane 11 weather

Postby pkofman » Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:31 pm

Probably been asked 100's of times but with xplane11 should i use a third party weather plugin with pilot edge or will xplane 11 inject weather. There is a setting within the sim for RW weather but it seems not to be updating often. Further, is pilotedge injecting some other weather from noaa or other client
Looking to make it as real as possible and real-world with frequent updating.
I'm sure that many of the plug in's conflict. I do know that you cant use python NOAA weather at the same time as xenviro ( why would one want to use more that one system ) So what is the best way to depict RW weather in the sim consistent with how the pilotedge platform generates and injects weather

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Re: xplane 11 weather

Postby Kevin_atc » Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:42 pm

PilotEdge does not inject any weather, but my default the ATIS will reflect RW weather conditions unless you select custom weather when filing a flight plan.
X-Plane’s real world weather setting works fairly well- you can adjust the update time to as frequently as every 15 minutes. 3rd party weather plugins are likely even better. Skymaxx pro is a popular one.
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Re: xplane 11 weather

Postby FDXDave » Tue Jun 02, 2020 9:46 am

To help. The programs i use for my wether consists of three different programs. Esch pretty expensive.
1st and most important is FS Global Real Weather. That will inject your winds.
I then use SMP to draw the clouds.
Also required with SMP ( Skymax pro) is the real weather connector. That will place the clouds accurately per the reporting weather stations.
You can get away with just FS Global Real Weather.
Or Active Sky also injects winds, but as of now does not have a custom cloud draw. Hopefully this was helpful.
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