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Jul 31st Sat 8am DWX-SAA-80V-CPR/HAD [VFR Group Flight #49]

Posted: Wed Jul 28, 2021 5:33 pm
by EV Simpilot
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VFR Group Flight #49
Route to nowhere

We'll be doing another early morning VFR group flight this Saturday 7/31. It's WUS time. We will be departing from an uncontrolled field again but you'll never know if you land at an uncontrolled or PE-staffed field.

Start your sim of choice, load up at a vacant ramp location in Dixon (KDWX) and log into the Pilotedge network to join. We will use the #Briefing Room 1 on the Pilotedge discord server for the briefing. The briefing starts at 8:00 am PDT. Information about the Pilotedge discord server can be found at the links below. After everyone is informed and ready we will advise when we switch to the local CTAF frequency. I am planning a full-stop-taxi-back in Saratoga(KSAA) and a touch-and-go at the dirt strip in Medicine Bow (80V). Your destination this day will be Casper, the question is just if you will land at the PE-towered KCPR or uncontrolled dirtstrip Harford Field (KHAD)

After landing at the appointed airport we debrief on the discord server again. This is a pretty basic procedure flight but with great views and an exciting element. It also offers great possibilities to work on your CTAF skills and is suitable for beginners however because it might include a landing at a class D airport, I highly recommend you to achieve at least the CAT-ratings up to the CAT-2 if you'd like to join. Preferably fly an aircraft that is easily able to maintain a cruise speed of around 110 kts.

Subscription required for this flight: Western Expansion (WUS) or Combined (ZLA+WUS)
PE discord:

Wanna join?