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[Fri Oct 1st - 5pm PDT] PilotEdge's 10-year Birthday Bash!

Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2021 5:32 pm
by Ray Salmon
Happy Birthday, PilotEdge!

PilotEdge is 10 years old! PilotEdge opened its doors with a single coverage area- ZLA. Since then, the network has expanded to cover nearly the entire western half of the United States. We were thrilled to have hosted our second SimVenture event in July of this year, with expanded aircraft types, arrival procedures and stunning new scenery for all major flight sim platforms, including the new MSFS 2020. It was a great success and enjoyed by the many who attended.

We feel that all of this deserves a celebration! Join us for our next event within the ZLA coverage area. All aircraft types are welcome, VFR or IFR, and the event is open to all subscribers, both WUS and ZLA.

Light up KSNA!

John Wayne is one of the busiest airports on the network and the focal point of many of the pilot rating flights, one familiar to so many PilotEdge pilots. Plan your arrival at or departure from KSNA between 1700-2000 PDT (0000-0300z) on October 1st 2021. If you're departing from and staying within the SoCal area, don't forget to check for a TEC route as there is more than likely one published for your route of flight.