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Sat 11/27 11 AM PST (1900z) CTAF skill training at KRCE

Posted: Tue Nov 23, 2021 5:58 pm
by EV Simpilot
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Sat 11/27 11 AM PST (1900z) CTAF skill training at KRCE

We did it before, it was a lot of fun and offered a lot of training value. This time we'll do it at a conveniently located airport in the heart of the US that is uncontrolled and offers two parallel runways. It is outside of the Pilotedge coverage area so everyone is welcome regardless which subscription you have. Let's pack-up the pattern (or even two patterns!) at the Oklahoma-Page (KRCE) airport for some CTAF Skill training this Saturday 11/27. Listen carefully, communicate brief and efficient and make the right judgements. Different aicraft with different speeds do require some exciting decisionmaking.

11 AM PST (1900z) sets the timestamp to 2 PM on the eastcoast and 8 PM (20.00) in the evening in most of Western Europe. Hopefully that suits a lot of people so that we will have one or two fully loaded patterns.

Just ramp up at KRCE, switch to the CTAF 123.0 and listen what other pilots do. Let's first fill up the lefthand pattern with max 5 aircraft and when full another 5 can pack up the righthand pattern from the parallel runway. Max 10 aircraft on the same CTAF frequency requires a lot of discipline! This can deliver a unique training opprtunity in your sim though. Please, let's take up a maximum of 5 aircraft in each pattern otherwise it will become a mess and that's not what I'm aiming for. If both patterns are full, please be patient and wait for one of the aircraft to exit. If you see people waiting on the ground, both patterns are full and you have done some laps, please be polite and let others experience this unique opportunity as well. Ever wanted a full pattern to practice your CTAF and pattern skills on PE? Here is your chance!