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Just finished this, I’ll share how it went for me. This is actually my neck of the woods. One of the few NDB’s in this area, there’s also one at KHIO and KAWO.

I anticipated the ndb portion to be the most challenging, the gps based approaches ended up posing the most challenges for me.
I normally fly with the Reality XP gtn 650 or750. I switched to the X-Plane 530 to be able to fly the RNAV rnp rwy 30 at EAT, but used the 650 to fly the Rnav34 into ORS.
I think switching gps between flights caused a lot of problems. The rnav 34 is not in the 530 data base and the 650 won’t fly the rnp approach into EAT. I couldn’t lock onto the Iaf into ORS, I had to change the iaf from ORCAS to CVV vor after a few attempts to get to ORCAS.
At KEAT the gps wouldn’t sequence to the first waypoint after EAT, I had to reload the approach while flying it, and like Keith,my HSI would not work. After reloading the approach I was able to engage autopilot and nav mode, simply adjusting the altitude. A fun approach to fly. I also hand flew it off frequency, very cool that the 530 will let you fly it.

I think most of these were compatibility issues caused from swapping the gps.
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