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XP12 Apple Silicon, Pilotedge and Real Sim Gear Crashes

Posted: Tue Apr 18, 2023 8:33 am
by shanethomas

There seems to be an issue with using Pilotedge, Real Sim gear and XP12 together. I have tried the following combinations without success.

1. Launch without Rosetta checked - XP12 launched without an issue but it failed to recognize the Real Sim gear plugin and the hardware was unusable.

2. Launch with Rosetta checked and Pilotedge 1.8.5 plugin - XP12 crashes with the following error.

--=={This application has crashed because of the plugin: RealSimGear Device Interface}==--

3. Launch with Rosetta and without Pilotedge - XP12 launched Real Sim Gear equipment works however, not able to use Pilotedge.

Pilotedge is aware of this issue and they have instructed me to contact Real Sim Gear considering the error message. I have been in contact with Real Sim Gear however they state since it works without Pilotedge they believe the issue lies with PE.

Not quite sure how this will get resolved however, I wanted to share in case anyone else is experiencing the same issue.


Re: XP12 Apple Silicon, Pilotedge and Real Sim Gear Crashes

Posted: Sat Nov 11, 2023 12:34 pm
by shanethomas
Temporary workaround I just read. Thanks PilotEdge for working around the RSG issue!

Note for RealSimGear MacOS users:
There is an apparent conflict with PilotEdge and RealSimGear which causes the RSG plugin to crash upon startup. RSG is aware of the issue and are investigating as of July 6, 2023. As a temporary workaround, it is possible to force RSG’s plugin to load PRIOR to PilotEdge during startup using the following procedure:

COPY the PilotEdge folder to your desktop as a temporary step. Note: ensure that you don’t ‘move’ it, but actually make a copy as the contents of the PilotEdge folder need to remain in place.
RENAME the PilotEdge folder that’s on the desktop to X_PilotEdge.
MOVE the X_PilotEdge folder into your plugins folder. As a sanity check, you should now have a PilotEdge folder and a X_PilotEdge folder in your plugins folder with identical contents.
RENAME the PilotEdge/mac.xpl file to mac.bak. This will stop the plugin from loading from the PilotEdge folder, allowing RSG to load first. The plugin will instead load afterwards as a result of being found in the X_PilotEdge folder.
To undo this change once the RSG situation is resolved, delete the X_PilotEdge folder and rename the PilotEdge/mac.bak file back to mac.xpl, restoring the PilotEdge folder to its former working status.