Mobile Based Setup for Proficiency

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Mobile Based Setup for Proficiency

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I have used pilotedge for years on PC home setup yoke/switch panel……

I fly part time 135 freight as well and honestly have never been more proficient then when I was using PE at home and flying with purpose on their honing skills. Flying 135 single pilot freight is great for IFR skills, but the routes don’t expose you to many procedures.

My internet sucks at new location and have not had a PE setup for last few years and can tell I’m not as proficient as I was.

I played with xplane mobile on an iPad and quickly realized it had potential, but the interface was very cumbersome and not realistic for proficiency flying.

However, if you could set the iPad in front if you with a full size yoke and maybe even a second iPad running radios for IFR It would serve a very important purpose to me to stay proficient with scans/procedures and workload flows. Basically just taking off 0/0 and hand flying approaches and procedures.

It would be even greater if PE could be setup as well and be able to have a mobile simulator.

In past I used sim for recreation/proficiency and loved flying payware stuff and flying the ixeg 737….however much time was spent dealing with the I.T. Side of making everything work.

It sure would be powerful to be able to simply use the mobile setup for proficiency only. Scan/workload managment.

Anybody have any experience with iPad/mobile xplane or any tips?

I am not technologically super savvy but was curious.
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